Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter and Gold

Rebecca gives us some soulful advice

Fri 13 Apr 2012

Rebecca gives us some soulful advice

We're sure there's many a female singer out there who are green with envy at Rebecca Ferguson's amazing voice. We certainly are.

The title Glitter and Gold conjures up images of wealth, glitzy parties and expensive jewellery. However, the song is actually about friendships and how money doesn't buy your soul. 

Rebecca, on the other hand, has soul in abundance as she belts out the lyrics "Losing your soul/Will cost you more/And that life you're paying for".

In the video, we see Rebecca looking stunning at a party as she mingles and sings, seemingly giving advice to the partygoers as they turn into cardboard cutouts of themselves. Rebecca is there to help them make a choice: what is more important to their life, happiness or wealth?

Glitter and Gold is the third single from Rebecca's platinum selling album, Heaven. The track is due for release on April 29.

Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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