Rihanna flirts with Tinie Tempah

But feuds with fans on Twitter

Wed 29 Feb 2012

But feuds with fans on Twitter

Despite the Chris Brown rumours, it seems Rihanna has her eye on another hip-hop star. Still, it hasn't stopped her from arguing with fans. Oh dear... 

Tinie Tempah, who has previously described the S&M singer as "incredible" to The Mirror, has tweeted: 'Ooooooooooohhh I wanna **** you right now." Rihanna flirtily responded: "Well, you're awake!"

She had rather more to say though to fans who have criticised her relationship with Chris Brown. 

Fans showed their disappointment at the reconcilliation for new single Birthday Cake, tweeting comments such as: "I gotta admit, I lost a lot of respect for @rihanna...Makin a song w/the dude that beat your face off is not a good look."

As the twitter criticism continued, Rihanna refused to bite her tongue, snapping back: "@JuhReeV neither is your avi #clapback" and "U Mad? #No1Currrrr."

We wonder if Rihanna will be quite as feisty in her response to Jay-Z, who is said to be "deeply disappointed" in her for singing with Chris Brown. 

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