Robbie Williams - Candy

Watch the new video right here

Tue 11 Sep 2012

Watch the new video here

Robbie Williams has unveiled the video to his comeback single Candy.

The playful song sees the father-to-be become the guardian angel of a girl, who we presume is Candy.

Robbie, dressed in a candy-pink suit to match the song's title, takes his guardian role very seriously as he pushes other men aside and throws himself in front of speeding cars, all in a heroic effort to protect her.

In fact, in order to to ensure the safe passage of the girl, Robbie even punches a granny. Is that allowed?!

Anyway, as the video continues, it follows the pair as they walk through the streets of East London, with Robbie running into more trouble.

Candy - the lead single from Robbie's forthcoming Take The Crown album - is set for release on 29 October.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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