The Fix: Zachary Quinto of Heroes comes out

The hunky Heroes star reveals he is gay

Tue 18 Oct 2011

On today's Fix, hunky Heroes star Zachary Quinto has revealed he is gay at age 34. Bad news for the ladies, but good news for the boys, I suppose? Watch above what the American actor has to say about his coming out experience. 

Plus, we catch up with Nicole Scherzinger on the US X Factor. Apparently she only took the job because she loves Simon so much and has complete faith in him. That's kind of sweet, no? Though so did Cheryl Cole, at one point. Just saying. 

And finally in the world of film, we catch up with Justin Timberlake on his busy Hollywood schedule. Find out how the singer-turned-actor likes to relax and recharge his batteries. 

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