The Wanted talked dropping Nathan Sykes

Band considered options if he didn't recover voice

Wed 26 Jun 2013

Band considered options if he didn't recover voice

The Wanted's Tom Parker has revealed that the band had considered dropping Nathan Sykes from the group if he had failed to recover from his vocal chords operation.

Nathan underwent surgery earlier this year on his vocal chords, which resulted in his band mates, Jay McGuiness, Max George and Siva Kaneswaran discussing their future options.

Nathan was forced to miss some of the The Wanted's US tour following the surgery and the rest of the band considered whether to stay as a four piece, take on a new member or keep Nathan as a keyboard player if he was unable to sing.

Tom told The Mirror: "There was some talk at the label about what do we do if he can’t come back.

"Do we get rid of him or do we get someone new but we said listen, if he can’t sing then he’s an amazing pianist so get him in the band, just pay him a little bit less."

Luckily it never came to this as Nathan has now fully recovered. Phew!

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Tom also talks about how The Wanted could be featuring a Justin Bieber penned tune on their next album.

He added: "We spent some time with [Bieber] in America and after a show he said, “Mate I’m really buzzing about this new song do you want to come and check it out”.

"Then the next week he sent us a message and said his album wasn’t going to be ready in time for it.

"He offered it to us and I was flattered because I was telling him he should make it his next single. We’re hoping he can get on the track for the album.

"The song is actually really good, Justin is a really good writer,’ 

Well we know that already!

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