The Wanted's Tom strums with Beckham

He teaches Brooklyn guitar

Tue 20 Mar 2012

The Wanted's Tom Parker teaches Brooklyn Beckham guitar

The Wanted singer Tom Parker took time out recently in the USA to teach David Beckham's son Brooklyn some guitar, it has emerged.

The Beckham family watched the boyband soundcheck at one of their American tour dates.

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness told The Sun that Parker taught Brooklyn, who had been playing guitar for three weeks, the Oasis hit Wonderwall. 

He said: "Tom taught Brooklyn how to play Wonderwall, which was a beautiful moment. He'd only just starting learning how to play three weeks before and is well into his rock music. He told us he likes music as well as football but he doesn't really know which way to go."

Do you think Brooklyn Beckham has what it takes to be a future popstar?! Or should he just follow his dad onto the football pitch?

As previously reported, Tom Parker was recently embroiled in some Twitter fisticuffs with members of The Only Way Is Essex cast, who called him the "ugly one in the band". 

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