US Church brand One Direction "freaks" and "perverts"

Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Kansas City gig

Mon 1 Jul 2013

Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Kansas City gig

One Direction are being targeted by a US Church who are planning to picket one of their concerts in July.

The Westboro Baptist Church have called on their members to picket the gig, due to take place on 19 July in Kansas City, to protest about One Direction's "representation of this filthy world".

The Church released a message on their online picket schedule branding the boy band as "freaks" and "perverts" and calling the UK "God-hating, Christ-rejecting".

According to The Huffington Post the message said: "WBC will picket this perverted pop boy band from the UK who claim to be the world's #1 band. Indeed, they are a perfect representation of this filthy world and the sin-chasing, fag-enabling, God-hating, Christ-rejecting UK who has banned WBC from preaching within her borders. 

"These freaks and their fans think it's funny for these five perverts to grab each other's asses on stage. They glamorize sin and make a mock of God's standards. Their one purpose is to encourage the youth of this generation to pursue every lust their evil hearts can imagine."

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The Church has even parodied One Direction's One Thing, swapping the lyrics with their own which preach about following God's orders.

One Direction aren't the only music artists to be targeted by the Baptist Church.

They've previously spoken out about Radiohead and The Foo Fighters. In fact Taylor Swift, who is due to play Kansas City in August, was the object of their disgust only last week.

The Huffington Post reported their statement which said: "@TaylorSwift13 works her 'girl next door' country-singer shtick, while hopping from one young man to the next and strutting across the world stage like a proud *****".

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