We go behind-the-scenes with Devlin and Ed Sheeran

Watch an exclusive clip of Devlin's A Moving Picture documentary

Thu 10 Jan 2013

Watch an exclusive clip from Devlin's documentary 

With his sophomore album A Moving Picture out 4 February, Devlin has been tracking his musical journey in an shiny new web documentary series. 

In part three of the project - a 4music.com exclusive - Devlin's team at Island Records discuss the unique qualities that drove them to sign the promising young rapper. 

Devlin also takes us behind-the-scenes of his collaboration with Ed Sheeran on last summer's hit Watchtower, his highest-charting single to date. 

Watch below as the boys workshop the track in the studio, film the video and chat about their friendship and rising profiles. 

The duo just can't stop gushing about each other, with Ed Sheeran saying: "Devlin has always kept to his musical morals and always made good music and that's one of the things I really respect about him. 

"I think this song to come back with - and this whole album - is going to be a good statement."

Ed rarely gets it wrong these days and Watchtower jumped to No 7 on UK charts. Will Devlin's upcoming album have the same Top 10 success?