We preview tracks from Adam Lambert's upcoming album

We have a sneaky listen to new tracks from Tresspassing

Fri 20 Jan 2012

We have a sneaky listen to tracks from Adam Lambert's upcoming album

A preview of new tracks from Adam Lambert's upcoming second album, Tresspassing, suggests Lambert fans - or Glamberts - are in store for some rock-solid pop. 

The former American Idol contestant is currently finalising the album, which will be composed of two sections - light songs and dark songs - with a possibility of the two parts being separated onto an A side and B side. 

Several of the tracks have a sound reminiscent of 80s power pop - with hints of Queen and the energy of Michael Jackson - but with a modern electro twist. 

Let's have a look at some of the finished tracks. 

On the dark side...


Cuckoo screams chart-topper, as it builds into a feast of jubilant electro-pop beats. Adam brings to the table strong rock vocals as the song breaks into raw and rough party track territory with echoes of 80s dance music. 


Tresspassing opens with clapping, stomping and chanting, reminiscent of Queen's iconic track We Will Rock You. With an electric guitar solo and some heavy, breathy vocals, the song is infectious and distinctive. 


Shady is groovy, 80s-flecked electro-pop rock, with dirty percussion and thumping electronic beats. Think classic Janet Jackson with a modern spin. 

On the light side...

Outlaws of Love

Outlaws of Love is one of the singer's most personal songs on the new album, dealing with a lover's search for hope and meaning. It opens with the gentle plucking of the guitar and shows off Lambert's vocal range. With lyrics like "Nowhere to grow old/we're always on the run," it's a dark ballad with the potential to really grow on you. 

Broken English

Lambert worked with Shakira producer Lester Mendez on Broken English, which features jazzy, echoing piano and builds to a bold, dirty chorus with more impassioned vocals. The track has elements of noise pop, with the sounds of grinding engines and spacey electronic beats, layered under Lambert's vocals and some impressive, warbling falsetto. An intriguing mix. 

Listen to the album's first single, Better Than I Know Myself, below.

Tresspassing is out 19 March 2012

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