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1D's Zayn couldn't go solo & Mariah Carey to headline Glastonbury?

Wed 13 Mar 2013

ZAYN MALIK: I couldn't have gone solo

Don't fret fans of Zayn, he's not going anywhere. The 1D'er says "I would have cracked up and gone home by now. There's defo no way I could have done this as a solo artist". He also says the lads keep him "grounded", and if they don't we're sure Simon will.

MARIAH CAREY: To headline Glastonbury?

This would be a turn up for the books, organisers are reportedly in talks with the singer to have her play the iconic music festival. Maybe she saw the reaction Beyonce got and thought, let's do this. We will see you on the campsite, Mimi. Bring your wellies.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Wants duet with Selena Gomez

In a move that would unite 90s pop fans with music today, Britney is keen on collaborating with Selena Gomez. It came after Brit saw Selena and her Spring Break co-stars doing a karaoke rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time. That sounds like a dream.

RITA ORA: Rob Kardashian almost ruined career

Her break up with Rob and his Twitter outburst could've derailed her rise to stardom. Rita says "I thought I nearly had a ruined moment, but no." Adding, "You should have to sit an exam before you go on Twitter to see if you're mentally stable."

RYLAN CLARK: Wants romance

X Factor's diva Rylan says he has everything right now, expect a boyfriend. Aw, Ry! He says he's happy with his new-found fame but is now looking for romance. Rylan claims it's been four years since he had a boyfriend and he just wants to do the school run!

TAYLOR SWIFT: Recycling problems

There's no doubt Taylor Swift must get a lot of fan mail, but some has been found, unopened in a recycling bin in the US. Apparently Swifty was unaware of this but once the letters are read, they are recycled. Well, it's nice to know she's being green.

OLIVIA WILDE: Says sorry for Bieber joke

Miss Wilde will think twice in future when joking about Justin's dress sense after his followers got cross. The tweet that prompted abuse from his 35 million beliebers said, "Bieber, put your shirt on". We think only his mum has the power to be so offensive.

KELLY ROWLAND: Goes blonde for new video

The video to new track Kisses Down Low features Kelly in more hair styles than a hairdressers on a Saturday. Explaining the vid's themes, she says "I wanted to just touch a woman's hand, talk to her, you know what I mean?" Erm no, not completely.

BASTILLE: Planning ahead

They're number one in the album chart with Bad Blood but the band aren't resting on their laurels. Singer Dan Smith wants to bring out a new mix-tape, he says "We'll hopefully start piecing it together throughout the year and get it out before Christmas." Woo.

FEARNE COTTON: Names Godfather

He hasn't found fame since the X Factor, but ah well, Kye Sones is the godfather to Fearne's new baby son Rex. Kye Sones (we'll repeat his name to try and jog your memory) says, "I don't know what exactly a godfather does but I'm definitely up for doing it".

JUSTIN BIEBER: Blames the press and the gym

JB's opened up about his recent bad press and given some pretty random reasons for last week's craziness. Biebs says, "It was a hard week. I was working out every morning and had a huge show every night." Yeah, the thought of the gym makes us quite sad too.


We're half way through the week and Nicole's thanked anyone who's bought her new track. Lewis' girl tweeted, "HOLY SCHAMAZEBALLS BATMAN! Just woke to #BOOMerang being #1 on the midweek charts! Thank you so much UK". Scherz is energetic in the morning.

NE-YO: Sings with Celine Dion

We didn't see this coming but the hat wearer's confirmed it, he's already done a track with the Canadian warbler. Ne-Yo says, "She wanted to do the song and I was flattered, but it definitely made me question my vocal ability". Random collab on the week!

KERRY KATONA: Pregnant with boyf in Dubai?

They've been dating since November, so Kerry wants to celebrate the five month milestone with a new baby. The Iceland actress was reported to say she'd come back from her holiday with more than just a tan, prompting rumours Kez is expecting her fifth child.

EMMA STONE: My man voice has worked

If you've been mocked for having a manly voice and you're female, fear not, you can still become a Hollywood star. Em who lends her voice to the animation film The Croods, says, "my natural man voice has finally worked for me". It's great for prank calls too.

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