What's the cause of Niall Horan's bad knee?

He blames a pesky squirrel for his injury...

Sat 6 Oct 2012

He blames a pesky squirrel for his injury...

Niall Horan of One Direction gets our sympathy this weekend. He's hobbling about on crutches, bless him.

What is the cause of his injury though? As Niall blames a vicious squirrel in Battersea Park, 4music.com sets out to investigate the real reason behind his limping.

Niall originally tweeted: “Ya know the way I always had a bad knee, added to it playin ball the other day! Its messed up now! Operation time, I’m on crutches hahahahhaa! Funny as hell.” He added: “Yeh my knee is messed!”

This suggests a long term injury worsened by sporting activity, but the Irish singer told Capital FM there was some foul play involved from a rodent.

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He revealed: “Yeah a squirrel attacked me. So, I got attacked by a squirrel in Battersea Park. They’re dangerous. It’s rare."

We did always think squirrels were quite cheeky with a potential for malice, but we really hope Niall was joking about the Battersea Park incident.

After conducting a thorough investigation, below are the five possibilities which we think may have led to injury for the 1D singer. Let us know in the comments below which you think is most likely. Also let us know if you have recently fallen foul of a squirrel.

Why is Niall on crutches?

1. Niall has always suffered from a bad knee, which took a turn for the worse this week

2. Demi Lovato offered him a full body massage but let fellow X Factor USA judge (and unqualified masseuse) Britney Spears do his legs

3. Niall really was attacked by a squirrel

4. Louis Tomlinson has been sitting on Niall's lap too often, causing gradual decay of his kneecaps

5. Niall just wanted to copy band mate Zayn Malik, who was spotted on crutches last month at LAX Airport

Niall, whatever the reason, get well soon.

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