4music.com Top 20 Videos of 2011: No Regrets

While Tulisa and Fazer got busy, Dappy got down to business

Wed 14 Dec 2011

10) Dappy – No Regrets

Master fisherman, cousin of Tulisa and BFF to Fazer, when one thinks of Dappy, many images pop to mind. But if we've learned anything from hit reality series Being... N-Dubz, we've learned that above all, Dappy cares about his music.

We were pleasantly surprised in 2011 when Dappy released his first solo single, No Regrets. Church choir, key change, a cameo featuring Fazer playing piano - the song had the makings of a hit. And, Dappy thought of the key change himself! Whatever you think of N-Dubz (though, let's face, most people love 'em), it's hard to disagree that No Regrets was one of the catchiest songs of the year. Not only that, the positive vibes that came along with the song made for an uplifting message, despite bordering on a cliche. 

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