Lana Del Rey plays London's Jazz Cafe

Expect the unexpected

Wed 11 Apr 2012

If there’s anything you can expect from a Lana Del Rey gig, it’s the unexpected

Lana Del Rey took to the stage Tuesday night at Camden’s iconic Jazz Café, sporting a low-cut Guns ‘N Rose vest over a black bra, with skinny jeans and a glittering pair of ballerina flats. 

She kept chitchat to a minimum as she played tracks from her No 1 album Born To Die to a small crowd, accompanied by strings and a pianist. 

Lana opened the 8-song set with new single Blue Jeans and her second single Born To Die, in which she nailed impressive improvised vocals.

Her performance of viral hit Video Games was Lana Del Rey at her best. Her sultry voice shone bright in the number and she playfully stuck out her tongue afterward, as the audience erupted in cheers. 

She performed Carmen – the album’s upcoming fourth single – and Radio with eyes tightly closed under the pale blue lights, gripping the mic with her trademark gangsta manicure. 

Summertime Sadness was the performance of the night. The up-tempo number broke Lana out of her introspective trance. Maybe what she needed all along was just a faster beat?

Things unravelled slightly in her closing number, Million Dollar Man, but the audience cheered just as loud nonetheless. A fan even handed her a silver gift bag as she waved goodnight and told the crowd how much she loved us all. 

We love her too - most of all because she isn’t perfect. She nails some songs and messes up others. She’s awkward and self-conscious, and she couldn’t fit an industry mould even if she tried. She’s the ultimate anti-pop pop star. She's our pop star. 

Rating: 4/5

Set List

Blue Jeans
Born To Die
Without You
Video Games
Summertime Sadness
Million Dollar Man

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