Nicki Minaj plays London's O2 Arena

Nicki dishes out hits, booty shakes, costume changes and advice to London fans

Fri 2 Nov 2012

Nicki dishes out hits, booty shakes, costume changes and advice to London fans

Nicki Minaj began the British leg of her Roman Reloaded European Tour on Tuesday night at London's O2 Arena, dishing out explicit chart-toppers, booty shakes and life lessons for screaming fans.

After former X Factor contestant Misha B and American rapper Tyga finished warming up the audience, Nicki emerged from a pink conical spaceship, sporting a poofy black skirt and matching silk bra. 

She opened the set with naughty number Come On A Cone and continued with (who would've guessed - another explicit track!) Beez In The Trap. In case you didn't already know, Nicky loves to say scandalous things. You know, like **** and ************ and put your **** in my ****. Oh my!  

With lots of young, impressionable youths in the audience, however, Nicki took a break from dropping expletive bombs to offer some helpful advice to the youngins.

"It's important to be ambitious and work hard for what you have," she said, encouraging female fans to be independent ladies and take no dollars from any ballers. 

After her moment of female empowerment she ducked off for another costume change, returning in a shredded denim tutu to shake her ass to high heaven for new song Boyz (perhaps her dirtiest to date), descending down a flourescent-lit stripper pole mid-routine.

She also whipped out her British accent (cough) to the delight of fans: "My fake British accent - have I got any better? Have you brought me any tea and scones?" she asked. We politely cheered yes to both (cough). 

Next up was her new hit Va Va Voom and her massive breakthrough track Superbass, which she ducked out of early (why Nicki? why?) for yet another costume change.

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She returned in a glittery bathtub wearing a massive feathery pink wig and a silky pink bath robe. Several more costume changes followed, the most dramatic seeing our sassy star bouncing back out in an enormous pink inflatable convertible. 

Her set drew to a close with some of her biggest hits, including a stirring rendition of Pound the Alarm with a rousing Trini conga line. She finished with her highest-charting UK single to date, Starships - a high-octane finish to a coulourful, poptastic evening. 

We love Nicki, her wacky ways and weird outfits, but when a sista runs out half-way through one of her biggest tracks to change wigs -leaving her dancers gyrating to the backing track - we're not entirely convinced.

This is Nicki's first big world tour, though. With her profile growing bigger and bigger with every passing month, we know she'll have plenty of chances to iron out the tour kinks. 

Rating: 3 / 5

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