Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love

We give Nicole's debut solo album a spin...

Wed 16 Mar 2011

We give Nicole's debut solo album a spin...


Well it's about time, Scherzinger! After an abortive attempt at going it alone in 2007, the head honcho of The Pussycat Dolls returned to the group with her tail between her legs (do you see what we did there?) to record a second studio album. Three years later and, following rumours of in-fighting, Nicole's four band mates all jumped ship, giving the Hawaiian born singer the green light to give her solo career another try. Let's hope it's second time lucky, eh?

What's it like?

Her two recent solo hits give you a pretty good indication of what to expect. There's plenty more fast 'n' furious, club-friendly thumpers where Poison came from and, seeing as Don't Hold Your Breath's a 'sort-of-ballad-but-not-really', you'll be pleased to hear that there's a few proper belters on here, with Leona Lewis soundalike Casualty being a prime example. There's also a duet with Sting (Power's Out), but we'll quietly skip over that one...

Best bits?

Wet, with its throbbing bass and electronic beats, is an essential addition to your party playlist, while the album's title track is catchier than the common cold. We're also liking the sound of Right There, which is like a more polite version of Rihanna's Rude Boy - 'put your hands on my body' is about as naughty as this one gets!

Worst bits?

Club Banger Nation starts promisingly with a 90s Europop-esque intro, but it's let down by a disappointing chorus. Can we send this one back to the proverbial kitchen please? It's not quite ready yet! Elsewhere, You Will Be Loved boasts some bizarre yodelling and one of those 'repeat the song title x 10' type of choruses (see Britney's Gimme More, Beyonce's Halo etc). Yawn... we've heard this type of thing too many times before.


Nicole won't need to worry about finding any replacement Dolls just yet, as Killer Love will definitely establish her as a viable act in her own right. The album doesn't exactly rip up the rule book and it's unlikely to challenge Rihanna or Lady Gaga in the world domination stakes, but if it's straight up pop / R&B that you're looking for, you could do a lot worse. Thumbs up indeed!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Killer Love is due for release on March 21st. Watch an exclusive live session from Nicole on the Monkey from Orange website.