Rebecca Ferguson rocks London were there - read our gig review

Wed 14 Mar 2012 were there; here's our review of the 13 March London gig

Rebecca Ferguson has come a long way since competing on The X
back in 2010. She may not have won the show (being beaten by Matt
), but she has got a platinum-selling album under her belt and is in the
middle of a big UK tour.

Last night Rebecca played Theatre Royal on Drury Lane, the
oldest theatre in London dating back to 1663. Never before has a venue been so
appropriate for an occasion: an ornate, antique, theatrical environment totally
suited to the elegant, sophisticated songstress who took to the stage for just
over 60 minutes.

Rebecca played a selection of songs from her album Heaven, which
was released in December last year, alongside some specially chosen cover
versions. There were no special effects, there were no costume changes and
there was no grand staging or set, simply a backing band and a microphone.

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The popstar took to the
stage in a floor length pink dress and timidly moved around throughout the
evening. She is clearly still shy of the attention she receives and is
remaining loyal to her humble roots. “It’s so easy to forget who really matters
to you in life” she says, as she discusses the importance of family, whilst
introducing track Glitter and Gold.

Whilst Rebecca is slightly reserved when speaking and
addressing the crowd, as soon as she opens her mouth to sing, it's a
different story. There is a raw, bluesy tone to her voice which echoes around
the theatre during every song. You come
to realise that there is a real diva hidden beneath the shy, humble exterior, and
there is an immense power to her voice.

Somewhat surprisingly, Rebecca choses to cover songs by
Drake, Kings of Leon and Rolling Stones. All of the cover versions are
highlights in the set list, and all ensure there is a heavier, rocky undertone
to the gig. Rebecca’s voice is soulful and classic, her debut album is often
relaxed and mellow, however, the gig remains fresh and relevant for 2012. There
is something for everyone on this tour – rock, soul, gospel, pop, R&B – it is
all here, under one roof!

Check out the setlist below:


Mr Bright Eyes

Glitter and Gold

Diamond To A

Shoulder To

Knocked Up (Kings
of Leon cover)

Gimme Shelter
(Rolling Stones cover)

A Change Is Gonna
Come (Sam Cooke cover)

Teach Me How To
Be Loved

Too Good To Lose

Take Care (Drake

Fairytale (Let Me
Live My Life This Way)

Run Free

Nothing’s Real
But Love


Rating: 4 out of

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