The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack review

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Wed 7 Nov 2012

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The last in the Twilight series is almost upon us and soon Edward Cullen and Bella Swan will be no more. As the curtains draw and fans shed a tear over the final movie, what better way to remember the famous franchise than with a soundtrack which will live on forever? 

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1. Passion Pit - Where I Come From

The Passion Pit track is the perfect opening to this soundtrack. It's both mournful and anthemic, romantic and celebratory and - for those not so keen on overly dreamy ballads - there's also a pretty dirty beat you can get behind.

Favourite lyric: "Where I come from/ You say things will be well in front/ Though the world around you is crumbling"

2. Ellie Goulding - Bittersweet

This is an even dancier number, which picks up the pace of the soundtrack early on. Ellie Goulding's sweet vocals help to make the track almost otherworldly, while the lovelorn lyrics provide us with a subject we can all relate to. 

Favourite lyric: "Your arms around me come undone/ Makes my heart beat like a drum"

3. Green Day - The Forgotten

Green Day's offering is that typical piano-led rock ballad that every movie soundtrack needs. Once the strings kick in, it may just be a little too cheesy for our liking, but if it came on during the credits, we're pretty sure we'd cry anyway.

Favourite lyric: "Don't look away from the arms of a moment/ Don't look away from the arms of a bad dream"

4. Feist - Fire In The Water

The edgy Feist puts the album back on track in the cool stakes. It's atmospheric, cinematic and full of echoes and warbling sounds. By the time the track reaches its climax you really won't want it to end.  

Favourite lyric: "There's the sweetest feeling/ Openly believing"

5. The Boom Circuits - Everything and Nothing

The Boom Circuits provide the LP with a simple indie love song and some homemade beats reminiscent of The Postal Service. This one is defintiely for the bespectacled indie lovers out there.

Favourite lyric: "She loves everything and nothing at all"

6. St. Vincent - The Antidote

Multi-instrumentalist Annie Clarke puts the vamp into the vampire soundtrack with her sexy and sultry lyrics, backed by a dirty riff and drumbeat.

Favourite lyric: "I am the antidote/ I'll suck your venom out"

7. Pop Etc - Speak Up

Pop Etc offer a textured song with multilayered voices and melodies. Unfortunately, it all sounds a little similar to previous tracks on the album to stand out, but it's definitely a grower.

Favourite lyric: "I saw her eyes lit up/ Like colours in the dark" 

8) IKO - Heart Of Stone

After listening to this, you may be surprised to hear that IKO comprises of male duo Kieran Scragg and Neil Reed. With a simple piano hook and vocals that could put most female pop singers to shame, the Devon-based band will warm the cockles of your heart. Lovely stuff.

Favourite lyric: "Can I get a witness to the bruises and wasted tears?/ You could dry a river with your heart of stone" 

9. A Boy and His Kite - Cover Your Tracks

Singer-songwriter Dave Wilson's sweet song is a indie folk-rock lullaby. It makes you feel like you're alone in a forest somewhere being at one with nature, and that's definitely a good thing.

Favourite lyric: "Soul, sew up your wounds/ Test out your engine/ Give it some room"

10. James Vincent McMorrow - Ghosts

Big things were always going to be expected from the voice which gave us the amazing cover of Steve Winwood's Higher Love. James McMorrow impressively delivers with Ghosts which is hauntingly beautiful - but with that voice, how could it not be? 

Favourite lyric: "We are ghosts amongst these hills pressing out upon the shore"

11. Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed - All I've Ever Needed

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed's voices are perfection on this track. In truth, the song itself is simple and formulaic, but their vocals blend and harmonise so well that it's difficult not to get swept away.

Favourite lyric: "You're heartbeat helps me sleep"

12. Reeve Carney - New For You

With a sound that's not unlike the late, great Jeff Buckley, this track has it all. The Manhattan-born singer and actor proves he's got the lungs to pull off this strange and eerie song.

Favourite lyric: "My heart's a secret under your tongue"

13. Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee - A Thousand Years (Part 2) 

A Thousand Years (Part 1) had us all weeping in our seats and Part 2 certainly lives up to its predecessor. Christina Perri barely breaks a sweat as she confidently sings her way through the track, while Steve Kazee provides the male vocal. If we had to be picky, however, we'd say it's all a bit too Disney. It's a great song, but we think in this case, passion has been sacrificed for predictability and the mainstream.

Favourite lyric: "I have died everyday waiting for you"

14) Carter Burwell - Plus Que Ma Propre Vie

The soundtrack ends on an orchestral track, and although we're sure it'll have some pop lovers skipping back to the start, it's definitely worth a listen. The instrumental provides an emotionally fitting end to the epic franchise that may move you more than you expect. 

This album isn't just a soundtrack for Twilight lovers, but for music lovers too. With a mixture of synth-filled pop and folk-slash-indie rock ballads, it has something for everyone. Though the mid-section gives way to a few middle-of-the-road ballads, the album fully recovers, thanks to a dose of heart-melting vocal tracks. With the exception of Feist, who provides one of the stand out tracks, the boys definitely come out on top with James Vincent McMorrow and Reeve Carney giving us the most shivers. As cheesy as it may sound, this album takes you on an emotional journey and definitely makes you want to see the film.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Soundtrack is set for release on 12 November, followed by the film in cinemas on 16 November. 

Rating 4/5

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