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  • 2 hours 16 min
    RT @venetiafalconer: GET INVOLVED LOVERS! We are LIVE!
  • 5 hours 18 min
    Watch @nickjonas @johnlegend & more re-enact Sorry by @justinbieber >>
  • 5 hours 36 min
    But keep 'em clean, yeah? You cheeky scamps! #TrendingLive
  • 5 hours 37 min
    Heeeey Trenders! Got a hawt Valentine's message for your secret crush? Tweet us yours using #TrendingLive, and we'll read them out on air!
  • 22 hours 19 min
    Did you know Taylor’s legs are worth $40 million? Here are 7 celebs with insured body parts
  • 1 day 1 hour
  • 1 day 2 hours
    @_X_Sammii_X_ happy birthday!
  • 1 day 2 hours
    The moment @venetiafalconer told #Deadpool’s @VancityReynolds he looked like a potato! Watch it on #TrendingLive
  • 1 day 5 hours
    Watch @LanaDelRey 's trippy new vid with this bearded fella >>
  • 1 day 5 hours
    Where have we seen that emoji before? #JustinBieberBRITs
  • 1 day 5 hours
    Drake is not our leader… #GreetTheAliensIn5Words
  • 1 day 10 hours
    Ouch! Kanye shuts down Kylie Jenner's SEVEN-FIGURE Puma deal >>>
  • 1 day 10 hours
    D'aww just look at his cute emoji face! #JustinBieberBRITs
  • 1 day 23 hours
    Here's a little teaser clip from tonight's episode of @AmericanIdol! Shelbie's voice is amazeballs!
  • 1 day 23 hours
    .@taylorswift13 to open The Grammys with a song she has never performed live on television
  • 2 days 36 min
    Watch Will Ferrell & Penelope Cruz admit they’re Beliebers after working with @justinbieber on #Zoolander2!
  • 2 days 5 hours
    Is the appearance of Yeezus in a pancake a clue to new #TLOP title?! #PancakeDay
  • 2 days 7 hours
    “So I flipped my pancake and there was @kanyewest staring at me. I thought…Yeezus!” #PancakeDay
  • 2 days 7 hours
    RT @GiGiHadid: What an honor and dream come true it is to be on the cover of French Vogue. Thank you so much…
  • 2 days 7 hours
    RT @GiGiHadid: And here's the version where I'm wearing mostly Chanel N°5 ;) lol @vogueparis