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  • 1 hour 41 sec
    WATCH @KylieJenner talk @Caitlyn_Jenner and @Tyga ->
  • 1 hour 30 min
    Yay, @rihanna has dropped yet another album teaser! What's your thoughts?
  • 1 hour 57 min
    Aww, @justinbieber was feeling REAL generous this weekend...
  • 2 hours 27 min
    Are you following our Top 10 insta-folk of 2015?? Find out who they are here;
  • 2 hours 50 min
    If you were @justinbieberwould you always pick up the bill?Tweet us #TrendingLive
  • 3 hours 49 min
    Which animal do you look like? Tweet us #Trendinglive
  • 4 hours 8 min
    RT @MayaJama: LIVE ON @4music 4pm - 6pm turn on your TV! @hi_jimmy
  • 4 hours 14 min
    GiGi & Zayn - Are couples who dress the same cute or creepy? Tweet us #trendinglive
  • 4 hours 24 min
    We are sooooo excited #TrendingLive has just kicked off! See stories at
  • 6 hours 45 min
    Aww, @chrisbrown's love for his daughter Royalty is making our hearts melt! ->
  • 8 hours 25 min
    Looks like things are hotting up between @zaynmalik & @GiGiHadid! Do we call them Zaygi now?
  • 8 hours 44 min
    @Tiachincharo @_hollypalmerr we can't seem to choose a fave, they're all so pretty!
  • 8 hours 47 min
    @Livgibson_ @wallisjamieson us too! We can't wait to get our pj's on and get the snacks in!
  • 8 hours 48 min
    @kingbws omg indeed... Why can't we all look that glam? *Sigh*
  • 8 hours 48 min
    @avonsmendes she is stunning!
  • 1 day 3 hours
    Calling all @rihanna fans! We've got the full deets on her UK tour here;
  • 1 day 9 hours
    Big night last night? We hear you... and so does this lot!!!
  • 2 days 3 hours
    Are you down for the less is more approach? Is @Beyonce working the fashion game right now?
  • 2 days 10 hours
    Here's @LittleMix like you've never seen them before ->
  • 3 days 3 hours
    Oh yes! We've got the full @Adele tour dates and on sale info for you right here;