4Music Video Honours

4Music Video Honours 2011 - The Results

Who have you voted for? Find out who has won.

Wed 16 Nov 2011


The best and brightest in pop are about to get a reward for all their hard work...

We've been on a musical mission to award the finest players in pop and all we needed was a little help from YOU! We're honouring the Best Boy, Best Girl, Best Breakthrough, Best Big Beats, Best Group and Best Video. Over the past few weeks you've voted for your favourites and now we're ready to announce the winners.

Miquita Oliver presents this pop-packed delight-filled results show with all your favourite videos of 2011 in one place. Don't miss this amazing results show.


In the meantime, remind yourself of the nominees below:

Best Boy
Best Girl
Biggest Breakthrough
Best Big Beats
Best Group
And here's the biggun... Best Video of 2011

Who did you vote for this year? Let us know by commenting below.