4Music Video Honours 2014

4Music Video Honours 2014

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Welcome to 4Music Video Honours 2014! Our annual hoo-rah at all the music and stars that have made the last 12 months not just bearable, but EPIC!

Featuring five talent-stuffed categories - Best Boy, Best Girl, Best Breakthrough, Best RnB & Dance, Best Video - these momentous titles are decided entirely by YOU, the fans and viewers of 4Music. 

Is Katy Perry’s Egyptian themed Dark Horse the video of the year?  Have Sigma had you dancing harder and longer than any other act?  Is Ed Sheeran the best at being a boy?  These historic, world-changing decisions and more, are now entirely in your hands! 

Check out who’s vying for your vote right here, right now and get clicking to shower your favourite faces of 2014 with the love and admiration they deserve. Go on, GO!

See all our categories below!

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