Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas

Watch the chaos unfold

Watch the chaos unfold

When a woman gets married, nothing's more important to her than walking down the aisle on her wedding day with the perfect dress, right? Well, we've found a show that proves the success of a hen do is as just important as any wedding day!

Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas is a new docu-series offering the most outrageous bachelorette experiences, including dramas, fall-outs and laugh-out-loud moments

Each week on Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas, we introduce you to a new bride-to-be, her bridesmaids and closest friends, as a VIP event planning team - led by Palms Casino executive Jon Gray and VIP hosts Elliot Wronski and Jason (“JROC”) Craig - try to make all their dreams come true. 

As the brides-to-be become more and more demanding, it's a test to see who'll pull out all the stops for an extravagant celebration. 

Join us as we shadow the every move of the Las Vegas company that helps these Stateside ladies embark on the second most important day of their lives.

Watch Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas on 4Music from Wednesday 7 November at 9pm. Get involved in the action on Twitter with hashtag #BacheloretteParty.

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