Get in! It's Kardash-a-thon time and we're excited!

Fri 2 Mar 2012

4Music's Billy Corbyn is very excited about the Kardash-a-thon and he'll be blogging on 4music.com with some Kardashian goodness

4Music and I welcome you to a six-week celebration which will showcase all that is dramatic, all that is crazy and all that is fabulous about The Kardashians. Every week YOU get the chance to pick from ten of the best Kardashian episodes out there, based on an awesome theme. Voting kicks off every Sunday night at 11pm until Thursday morning. After we count up all the results, we play the most popular eps every Sunday evening at 9pm! What more could you possibly want from your telly box?

Just to add a little bit of extra excitement into the mix, I, Billy ‘Honorary Kardashian’ Korbyn will be posting a spectacular blog every Sunday to get you excited for each theme and vote. Who doesn’t love a little recap and chat about Calabasas' most famous family? Have a read below to see all our incredible themes:

Kim’s Kar Krash Love Life
Khloe Kicks Off
Kourtney & Scott’s Killer Relationship

Kris In Kontrol
Kardashians Go Krazy
• Kardashian Komedy

Well you’ve been voting in your billions… well maybe not that many, but certainly quite a few of you and without further ado, tune in Sunday at 9pm to see your winning Kardashian Komedy episodes. Make sure you join us on Sunday night because it is our final Kardash-a-thon for now, hopefully we'll be back soon though! Also, check the homepage Sunday morning, ahead of the show on Sunday night, to read my blog all about that Komedy-ridden family.

Kourtney Kardashian gets ready for a little girl

Khloe never approved of Kim's marriage