Rickie & Melvin's Dance Central Battle

Follow their hilarious journey of dance discovery

Thu 22 Nov 2012

Follow their hilarious journey of dance discovery

Kiss FM's Melvin Odoom was bitten by the dance bug by an early age, listening to the likes of Chakka Khan, Michael Jackson and Boys 2 Men.

After receiving a dance scholarship to Fame school in New York the future looked bright for Melvin and he joined a nation-wide dance competition to show off his talents. However, Melvin didn't count on Usher being around to match his every move. Usher brought his A game to the dance floor he blew Melvin away and with it his confidence and swagger.

The rest as they say is history. Fast forward to 2012 Usher is now a worldwide superstar, while Melvin is struggling to come to terms with his failure.

Luckily his best friend Rickie is on hand to drag him from his funk and having been handed a Dance Central competition flyer he persuades Melvin to dust down his favourite kicks and once again hit that dance floor.

However, hings have changed a lot since Melvin was a boy. Now, these dance competitions are hosted at underground house parties where kids dance to computer games and the dame in question is Dance Central 3.

Watch Melvin's fun, fast and thoroughly entertaining quest for success while listening to a delicious playlist of killer dance floor anthems! 

Don’t miss Rickie & Melvin’s Dance Central Battle this Saturday at 10pm on 4music.