The Celebrity Rich List

We present the top of the tops

We present the top of the tops

We love our celebrities so it stands to reason that we want to know everything about them. That, of course, includes who they're dating, what they're wearing and just how much they earn.

With the British invasion seeing no signs letting up, our actors, popstars and celebs are doing better than ever with the likes of One Direction making a new entry and Robert Pattinson continuing to ride the Twilight wave.

And let's not forget all those stars who've successfully managed to forge a career considerably out of the spotlight. Remember Katie Melua and Natasha Bedingfield? No? Well they're not doing too badly either, but then again so are our fave stars.

Is Adele rolling in the cash as well as the Deep? Is Cheryl the new 'cashley Cole'? All this we'll answer and more with our Celebrity Rich List 2012.

Get ready to see some serious pound signs as we present the UK's top 30 highest earners under 30. You'll be well jel

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