When Celebs Go Bonkers!

Join Will Best for a look at all the crazy celeb scandals

Fri 21 Dec 2012

Join Will Best for a look at all the crazy celeb scandals

They've been arrested, gone to rehab and even had a very public stripping down, but when it comes to celebs making mistakes, it's fair to say that they rarely learn their lessons!

Whether it's Britney, RiRi or Katy Perry who's gotten into a spot of bother, we're bringing you the maddest moments from possessed popstars, rounded up and secured for your safety.

With a little help from Will Best, and our animations of course, we will provide a decisive diagnosis of ultimate popstar meltdowns. From paternity puzzles to serious scuffles and on-screen naughtiness to on-stage exorcisms; these are the peculiar pop episodes that underline the link between ‘famous’ and ‘freaky’.

When Celebs Go Bonkers counts down the biggest pop meltdowns, from Cheryl squaring up to a toilet attendant, to Gaga's meaty mistake. 

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