Will Best's Whopping Vegas Wedding!

Get swept away with Will Best in Sin City

Tue 22 Jan 2013

Get swept away with Will Best in Sin City

Will Best is loved up to the eyeballs and, like all people
who are in love he wants to demonstrate it in the best way possible; by getting
married. However being the show pony
that he is if he’s tying the knot he’s doing it in style. He wants it big, bold
and brash. 

He wants an XL whopper of wedding with a side order of ridiculously
humongous amaze- balls. So he heads to one place that can guarantee it will be
the ultimate day to remember and satisfy the most fearsome of bridezilla’s
extravagent requests:  Las Vegas. 

Will sets about immersing himself in the rose tinted world
of Las Vegas wedding culture. Visiting
a colourful array of characters from lucky couples and pushy wedding
planners to the official Elvis
pastor and his infamous pink Cadillac he discovers  the true 
meaning of love and how people express it, finds out why weddings are
such big business in Vegas how to plan the perfect big day.